Episode 18

Published on:

4th Mar 2021

Ambition and Relationships with Shannon Wiley

On this episode Kristin welcomes her friend and ambition partner Shannon Wiley and they talk about ambition and relationships. Shannon is a Chief Recruiting Officer at Northwestern Mutual in Atlanta and she participates in a National Women’s Leadership Program. 

Episode Highlights

5:00 – You’ve got to be willing to step out and meet a lot of people that you’re interested in learning from and friendships may come out of it.

9:50 – Choose three people you trust and ask them how they experience you - what to them is your authentic self.

13:15 – Women often do not take credit for the work that they do. And they do not talk about what they want to do, where they want to go.

16:50 – We are trying to connect today, to the future, with a vision.

19:45 – Find a sponsor not a mentor.

28:20 – Stay more focused on your vision and less focused on the comparison trap, because it is the thief of joy.


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