Episode 11

Published on:

3rd Dec 2020

Build a Recognizable Brand with Macey Miller

On this episode Kristin welcomes Macey Miller, a Brand and Website Designer for female entrepreneurs, and an owner of Be Bold Design. They talk about branding, motherhood, entrepreneurship and how to be more productive.

Episode Highlights

09:20 - Branding is not just a logo, colors, or fonts. Branding begins from the very first touchpoint that a customer has with you

12:00 - Consistency creates authority

13:30 - Figure out your mission statement, the vision for your business and find out who you want to serve

15:50 - Trust in yourself and in your business because it does take time to make it

18:00 - Advice for entrepreneurs: Do not quit. Keep pushing through and be patient because you will be able to reap the rewards of your hard work


Connect with Kristin @meetkristinburke on Instagram and on her website kristinburke.com

Connect with Macey @macey_miller / @bebolddesignstudio on Instagram and on her website bebolddesignstudio.com

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