Episode 53

Published on:

9th Jun 2022

Reducing Stress through Mindfulness with Laura Roe Stevens

Today's guest is a freelance writer and former magazine editor who writes on a variety of topics ranging from business and careers to parenting and dating. Laura Roe Stevens has contributed to the New York Times, Inc., Forbes, and the Los Angeles Times, amongst others. Posts from Laura’s blog have also led to guest appearances on CNNfn and HuffPost.

Laura has also written three novels and is halfway through a fourth. When she is not writing, she is teaching yoga and meditation across the globe, and more locally in Los Angeles, which is why she’s joined us on the Elite Achievement podcast. Listen to our conversation as Laura talks about the many benefits of meditation for being present, reducing stress and much more.


03:21 -  I like learning about what makes really smart people tick and usually it's because they surround themselves with smarter people. They're not in their ego so much.

11:52 -  The more I awakened, the more I knew I needed to sit back, detach and learn more. And that's where I think meditation plays a huge role.

16:16 -  If you keep putting your thoughts back towards the sound, you will relax. It's really simple. And of course, you can do others where you can have guided meditations.

23:04 -  Start putting yourself first. Not everyone needs to get an instant email back from you. They respect you more when you set boundaries and you'll start to get answers. Slowly but surely.

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