Episode 23

Published on:

29th Apr 2021

Achieve Your Goals with Five Guest Experts

On this special episode Kristin and her team are taking the highlights from the interviews with five women who coach, inspire and empower others to launch businesses, grow their confidence, achieve the fitness goals, create and implement financial plans and advance their careers.

Jeannie Andresen holds a business coaching program Solopreneur School. Nicole Kalil teaches a course called: This is confidence. Bridget Joy is a CEO and President of Key Life Fitness and Training. Chantel Bonneau is a certified financial planner and author of the book Finding Your Financial Type. Lesle Griessel is trailblazer within her firm and teacher of leadership and growth strategies. They share about mindset, time and strategies needed to launch a business, but also about navigating fear and finding confidence.

Episode Highlights

03:40 – Talking about it is the first step - telling somebody “I’m really thinking about starting my own business”. It sounds so simple, but it’s crucial. Second step is to find somebody who’s done it already. It’s inspiration that you can do it too. Third part is outlining what it looks like.

26:40 – Choose it until you feel it; choose confidence over and over again until the feeling arises.

27:50 – You only have one body. Working out is not just so you can look a certain way, it’s for total health: for mind, body and soul. You can be a best version of yourself. You have to set an appointment and you have to make it a priority.

40:54 – Anything that is worthwhile, takes consistency and takes really good habit. The best habits that I think are important for a financial planner are: spending time to review, and make it foolproof. 

48:02 – Any form of a vision is a good form of a vision. The first thing is to find as much clarity as you can. The clearer that vision is, the better - even if it’s something short-term. 


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