Episode 25

Published on:

20th May 2021

Achieve Your Most Meaningful Goal

On this episode Kristin shares about her most meaningful goal for 2021, The Elite Achievement Goal Setting Series. She details the series and shares about the behind-the-scenes processes and roadblocks that almost kept her from launching the course. The series is dedicated to women who are in the first few years of owning their business. Kristin describes this series as: course meets workshop meets live coaching. Participants will learn how to go beyond goal setting and how to achieve their goals.

Episode Highlights

01:23 – Kristin’s first course, The Elite

Achievement Goal Setting Series, is officially launched!

11:05 – There is a big difference between the business owners that set

goals and the business owners that achieve the goals they set.

13:03 – There are roadblocks that can prevent us from achieving our

goals if we do not know how to recognize them and work through them.

13:55 – If you have focused time, you can get a tone accomplished in a

15 minute session.

23:58 – Fear does not go away, so we have to constantly learn how to

navigate fear to achieve our goals.


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