Episode 72

Published on:

27th Apr 2023

Mastering the Fear of Numbers with Crystalynn Shelton

It’s not often that I meet someone who says they love accounting, but today’s guest truly does! When Crystalynn Shelton thought her taxing 70-hour work weeks would never let up, an unexpected opportunity presented itself: a chance to transform her career, and the lives of small business owners, by teaching them the power of bookkeeping. Little did she know this new venture would not only prove successful, but also reveal a passion that she never knew she had – and we think some of Crystalynn’s passion for accounting and setting your finances up for success will rub off on you too!

In this episode, you’ll learn how to:

  • Conquer the fear of numbers to confidently manage your small business finances.
  • Draw a clear line between personal and business finances for better financial insight.
  • Streamline and enhance bookkeeping accuracy by harnessing the power of automation.
  • Go green and optimize efficiency with paperless bookkeeping and software solutions.
  • Tap into expert advice and valuable resources for optimal financial management success.

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