Episode 28

Published on:

1st Jul 2021

Taking Calculated Risks with Sara Samuels

In this episode of Elite Achievement, Kristin welcomes Sara Samuels. Sara is a former practicing attorney turned Wealth Management Advisor who specializes in working with emerging affluent professionals and business owners. Sara's mission is to reduce economic vulnerability and build enough wealth for her clients to live their very best lives now and in the future through financial inspiration. Sara and Kristin talk about taking risks, the importance of advocating for yourself, and how to succeed in a male-dominated career. Money is about confidence. Taking calculated risks is also about confidence. But how to grow confidence, and what it means to be a financial inspirer? Listen to this podcast and be inspired.

Episode Highlights

05:46 – Without a solid foundation there can be: 1) significant anxiety; 2) if you do not feel you have a place at the table financially, you may not feel like you have a place at the table professionally; 3) because this isn’t something that’s taught in school, it can feel very foreign.

08:52 – Calculated risk is being informed about the potential obstacles and the opportunities in a situation and eventually just moving forward – a leap of faith at some point. The risk with research.

17:58 – Confidence is more about self, and feeling self-worth, and feeling worthy and deserving of what we’re given, what we have, and what we strive for.

23:22 – Guys make more half the time because they ask for more because they feel they deserve it.

27:45 – Advocate for yourself in your career, heavily in your finances. If you don’t ask, you’ll never receive. And lay a strong foundation. Understand your benefits.


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