Episode 29

Published on:

15th Jul 2021

Anxious Achiever with Dr. Susan Bernstein

In this episode of Elite Achievement podcast, Kristin welcomes Dr. Susan Bernstein. Dr. Susan encourages high achievers to dial down stress and pressure and dial up their powerful presence, career satisfaction, and authentic success. She spent over 25 years working in corporate and has both an MBA and Ph.D. in psychology.

Dr. Susan shares:

  • What it means to be your sensational self.     
  • What an anxious achiever is.
  • How to grow your confidence when you’ve been told you’re too much.     
  • Some roadblocks that can hold leaders back from excelling in their leadership career.

Episode Highlights

02:50 – I work with people to be their most sensational selves, the best version of

themselves, the fullest potential, especially in their work.

09:18 – If you find yourself ruminating a bunch of anxious overthinking, stop. Put your hands

on your heart – feel the rise and the fall of your chest. Put your attention


12:10 – An anxious achiever is somebody who achieves, but underneath there’s an underlying

feeling of “I’m somehow not enough, I’m not measuring up, I’m not good


16:09 – Anxious achievers are moving away from the pain. That’s not very inspiring. What is it

that fills you and thrills you? What’s the fire within you that gives you

positive energy?

29:37 – In learning to tame down your anxiety, we don’t want this anxiety or anger being



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