Episode 16

Published on:

4th Feb 2021

Virtual Learning and Mindset Coaching with Anna VanNostrand

On this episode Kristin invited her daughter’s tutor Anna VanNostrand to share about her experience in raising lifelong learners, online tutoring, mindset coaching, and much more. Anna Van Nostrand served as an elementary educator and academic coach for over 18 years and believes that passionate teachers create passionate learners. Her background in mindset coaching helps her embed strategies within sessions to unlock individual potential.

Episode Highlights

3:40 – First adjust the student’s mindset. Discuss what is going on that could be impacting learning. 

4:10 – Tailor curriculum with interest and skill levels to motivate students not just to do homework or schoolwork, but to live.

6:30 – Our mindset shapes our everyday lives. When we see mindsets so off day after day, that's a sign of a slump. 

7:55 – The importance of teaching character curriculum. Discuss with children their visions of success and what they are working towards to create specific goals. Look for progress, not perfection.

14:35 – Remember your purpose and find your balance.

16:40 – Forgive yourself for mistakes that you made and turn them into lessons.

21:50 – Strategies for e-learning.


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